Advi Tech

Advi Tech is engaged in providing the engineering services for the Automobile, defense and aerospace Mechanical components from end to end.Engaged in the vendor development, stage wise quality inspection and manufacturing process establishments for the customer.

Our Approach

  • Complete Technical Bid evaluation of the given project.
  • Understanding the customer requirements and preparing the
    TSQD (Technical System Quality Document).
  • Executing the orders and delivering the product to the customer.

List of Products:

1. Precision Mechanical Components.
2. Forgings.
3. Fasteners
(All Types and sizes of Nuts, Bolts, Screws, Washers, Pins).
4. Hydraulic End Fittings.
5. Bellows.
6. Corrugated Hose Fittings as per the requirement.

It's the opportunity to
design and
build complex
systems that push
the boundaries of
what's possible
in the physical world.

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Phone: 9700693659
Address: Flat No: 405, Jackie’s RK Square, (DEMART Building) Medipally Hyderabad